А very beautiful wedding on the coast of Gulf of Finland!
Anthony and Natalie are very romantic and gorgeous couple! Weather surprises like strong wind, heavy rain, sunshine and amazingly beautiful sunset, wonderful decorations, burning and levitation rings -all that made their wedding day so special and unique!


Очень красивая свадьба на побережье Финского Залива!
Антон и Наташа – замечательная пара, веселые и романтичные ребята! Сюрпризы от погоды в виде сильного ветра, дождя, солнца и безумно красивого заката, красивые декорации, встреча жениха и невесты в лесу, летающие и горящие кольца во время церемонии – все это украсило их свадебный день и сделало его по-настоящему особенным и неповторимым!


Wow, those portraits are out of this world. Especially that dress shot, and fireworks too!

WOW. Those portraits are nuts!

Wow everything about this wedding is so pretty especially the brides dress. Amazing photography too!

don’t know where to start but just wanted to say that these are AMAZING

well this is just awesome

gorgeous work, great candids and killer black and whites.

So absolutely dreamy. Gorgeous. All of them.

Remember me when you are famous …

you are a true artist, beautiful photos!

You are the freaking man, Dmitry. Molodyetz.

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